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Shenzhen SmartEye Digital Electronics Co.,Ltd
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Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co.,Ltd,with over 15 years of experience in the LED display industry, Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd(Esdlumen LED Display) is one of the largest manufactures of LED displays and LED screens in China and is engaged in the design, production, wholesale and retail distribution of products for the LED display market.

Esdlumen directly controls the entire production-distribution value chain, divided into the following phases: Research and technological innovation, production design and development, planning, purchasing, production, quality control, marketing, and communications, sales, distribution, and logistics.

If you want get more information about Esdlumen, please contact us:

Tel: +86 135 10587097  Email: Eastarled104@esdled.com
Basic Information
Company Name:
  Shenzhen SmartEye Digital Electronics Co.,Ltd
  Guangdong  -  Shenzhen  -  Bao,an District
  Eastar Industrial Park, Gelan Road,Guanlan Street, Longhua Disctrict, Shenzhen, PRC
Zip Code:
Business Type:
  Private Partnership Enterprise
  Digital Video Broadcasting
  LCD Module
  AD Player
  Learning Machine
  LED Display
  Monitoring Equipment
Number of Employees:
  200-1000 people
Company Website URL:
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